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Equity Type Exchange*
{{contentData.types['Common Stock']}} Common Stock {{contentData.exchanges['NYSE']}} NYSE
{{contentData.types['Common Stock (ADR)']}} Common Stock (ADR) {{contentData.exchanges['NASDAQ']}} NASDAQ
{{contentData.types['ETF']}} ETF {{contentData.exchanges['BATS']}} BATS
{{contentData.types['Fund']}} Fund
{{contentData.types['Preferred Stock']}} Preferred Stock Status
{{contentData.types['Preferred Stock (ADR)']}} Preferred Stock (ADR) {{contentData.status.Active}} Active
{{contentData.types['Structured Product']}} Structured Product {{contentData.status['Inactive']}} Inactive
{{contentData.types.Warrant}} Warrant
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*Exchanges covered:Cboe BYX Exchange, Inc., Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc., Cboe EDGA Exchange, Inc., Cboe EDGX Exchange, Inc., Cboe Exchange, Inc., Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc., Investors Exchange LLC, Nasdaq BX, Inc., Nasdaq ISE, LLC, Nasdaq PHLX LLC, Nasdaq Stock Market LLC, New York Stock Exchange LLC, NYSE American LLC, NYSE Arca, Inc., NYSE Chicago, Inc., and NYSE National, Inc.

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Professional Grade API

Intraday data is available in tick, minute & daily resolutions. Every trade across U.S. Exchanges is recorded including all pre- and after-market activity.

Unique Historical Archive

Fitch data is preparing all 50 years of its rare intraday dataset. Additional years, back to 1968 will be made accessible to members at no cost.

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Web-app Access

Download CSV files containing billions of transactions from any desktop browser or mobile device.



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Tick, minute & EOD resolutions

Pre, intra & after-market activity

{{totalStocksPretty}} listed & delisted symbols

History starting January 1, 2010

$15 per month


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Members are equipped with a comprehensive archive of U.S. equity transactions once available only to financial professionals leasing expensive hardware.

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History Repeats Itself

Fitch Opens the Family Archive

Francis Emory Fitch

Francis E. Fitch

Tapping into Edison's Pearl Street Station, Francis launched the Exchange Printing Company, licensed to collect and distribute trading data back to Wall Street.

John Knowles Fitch

John K. Fitch

John renamed the company Francis Emory Fitch, Inc. and expanded distribution by providing data analytics through periodicals such as the Fitch Stock Record.

John Knowles Fitch Jr.

John K. Fitch Jr.

Partnering with IBM, John Jr. digitized ticker tape data and developed Fitch Blue Sheets, which rapidly became the quality standard across the financial data industry.

John Knowles Fitch III

John K. Fitch III

The September 11th attacks destroyed Fitch Headquarters. On September 12th, John III salvaged from the debris what remained of the historical stock data archive.

John Knowles Fitch IV

John K. Fitch IV

Today, a fifth generation honors the original contract by providing Fitch Data through a platform accessible to anyone inspired by the power of American markets.


Q From where is Fitch Data sourced?

Directly from U.S. stock exchanges after the close of each trading day.

Q Does Fitch Data offer bulk downloads?

Day and minute data can be dowloaded in bulk from Fitch Data. Tick data can be downloaded as well, one day at a time.

Q Does Fitch offer a free trial?

No. All non-members are free to use Explore.

Q Is day data adjusted for splits & dividends?

No. Fitch provides unadjusted historical data as recorded by exchanges.

Q What constitues one API call?

Downloading an unlimited range of EOD data requires one call per symbol.One tick & minute call returns one day of trading activity per symbol.

Q Does Fitch Data offer support?

Free 24/7 email and live chat support is provided.


Any Questions?

Have a suggestion? Need intraday data from 1968? Seeking multi-user educational or institutional accounts? Talk directly to Fitch in New York City.

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