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EOD, Minute & Tick Sourced directly from all U.S. Exchanges, clean historical data is available to members in trade-by-trade (Tick), minute-by-minute (Minute), or daily (EOD) resolutions at the close of each trading day.

Pre, Intraday & After-Market Gain access to every trade including institutional transactions happening before market open and after market close.

Six Years Back & Counting Access more than 6 years of pristine historical. Our Data Scientists are working hard to expand the dataset all the way back to 60s at no additional fee to exisiting members.
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Direct Download Instantly access clean CSV files right from the browser. Download samples of CSV data below.

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API Access Integrate Historical Data directly to your preferred programming environment by leveraging our JSON API.


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6+ Years History2013-01-01 to {{lastTradingDay}}

{{totalStocksPretty}} Symbols CoveredActive & Inactive

EOD, Minute & Tick DataPre, Intra & After Market

50,000Monthly API calls





6+ Years History2013-01-01 to {{lastTradingDay}}

{{totalStocksPretty}} Symbols CoveredActive & Inactive

EOD, Minute & Tick DataPre, Intra & After Market

250,000Monthly API calls





6+ Years History2013-01-01 to {{lastTradingDay}}

{{totalStocksPretty}} Symbols CoveredActive & Inactive

EOD, Minute & Tick DataPre, Intra & After Market

1,000,000Monthly API calls




Q) Where does Fitch historical data come from?

A) To ensure a consistent and clean data set, Fitch sources directly from stock exchanges at market close.

Q) How far back does your U.S. Equity dataset go?

A) PEARL offers access to pricing data from January 1, 2013 through the most recent trading day. Additionally, we are working hard to upload 50 years of back data covering all US Exchanges.

Q) Is Fitch Data adjusted for spilts & dividends?

A) At this time, no. Due to the substandard quality of corporate action data, Fitch provides historical data as it is recorded by exchanges.

Q) What constitues an one API call?

A) Every request made to the Fitch Data API counts as one API call. It is important to note that when requesting high volume data (Minute & Tick), each API call returns only a single day of trading activity per ticker/symbol.

Q) Do you offer bulk downloads?

A) Yes! Day and Minute data can be dowloaded in bulk from Pearl Data. Tick data can be downloaded on day at a time.

Q) Does Fitch offer a free trial PEARL?

A) No. Membership can be cancelled at anytime, no questions asked. All non-members are free to use the Explore module.

History Repeats Itself

Fitch Opens the Family Archive

Francis Emory Fitch 1858-1910
Based from Edison's Pearl Street Station , Francis started the Exchange Printing Company, a company licensed to collect and distribute stock information back to Wall Street executives.

John Knowles Fitch1880-1969
John celebrated his fathers successes by renaming the company to Francis Emory Fitch, Inc. He focused on expanding the company's distributions by providing data analytics services through a periodical named Fitch Stock Record.

John K. Fitch Jr. 1906-1998
An early adopter of IBM Mainframes, John Jr. digitized the ticker tape data moving the stock data distribution to the digital age. His product, the Fitch Blue Sheets was widely adopted and rapidly became the industry standard.

John K. Fitch III1942-Present
Fitch's headquarters were affected during the September 11th attack leading to the destruction of the historical data archives. On September 12, John III salvaged from the debris, what was left unharmed of the historical stock data archive.

John K. Fitch IV1987-Present
Today, the fifth generation is honoring the original contract by providing Fitch Data through a modern platform accessible to anyone inspired by the power of American markets.


Talk to Fitch Any questions? Have a suggestion? Need multi-user educational or institutional accounts? Reach out directly to Fitch Data heaquarters in New York City.

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